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Words from the Exec

The Economics Society is one of five societies of the Lancaster University Management School, and has members from diverse global backgrounds. We are now in our tenth year of operation as a society, founded and still operated entirely by students of the management school.

We aim to be a valuable resource to our members and to enhance
their knowledge of economics.

We want to deliver high quality events and are motivated to succeed and create new contacts among respected
people in the world of economics. We are also fortunate enough to have support from the department Head and other professors who are all willing to help us when required.

Every member can play a part in the society as they wish – whether simply joining the society as a way of socialising and networking with likeminded students, or choosing to stand for positions on the executive body of the society.


The society hosts regular events such as informative debates and interesting lectures, as well as having informal gatherings for our members to socialise.

This year we will focus on jobs after graduations. Studying economics gives you a diverse range of opportunities when you have completed your degree, which for many might be unknown. Also, we aim to increase students’ awareness regarding postgraduate programs.

This year we are looking forward to continue publishing a Lancaster
University Economics Journal that gives our students the opportunity to get involved in the current economics debates and express their opinions.

We will also encourage our members to express their ideas and suggestions regarding the society and our events, as well as give us valuable feedback, so we can develop and grow as a society.

The latest update of the Economics Society Constitution can be downloaded here.

“The economics society provides an invaluable forum for like-minded
students to meet and talk informally about the things that interest them.
Now, more than ever, economics is an exciting subject that generates a lot of truly passionate debate. Where better to get engaged and fully involved in this than the society? Its events are stimulating and provocative designed by you for you and they provide a great opportunity to get to know people who share your interests.”

– Professor Geraint Johnes http://johnes.blogspot.com/

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